Race 2018




Following a series of unimaginable cancellations of flights, we find ourselves at the start of the event program with 11 people between staff and runners, coming from Italy, who will manage to reach the competition area only on Wednesday night.

In order to avoid engaging in this enormous and unpredictable situation all those present at the lodge, and after delaying the start of the race one day, trying to wait for the lost ones, we are now forced to start on the evening of Wednesday 6 with the first trial of 15 km at sunset.
Unfortunately with the absence of those who are still stuck in Johannesbug and who will join the group as soon as possible but who will be forced to lose at least the first stage.

All of this naturally goes beyond our responsibility, but we are bitter, aware of the disappointment of all those who have not yet reached us.

We hope that the beauty of these places can partly compensate for the anger of their great hardship and we will rely on the regulations required by law for the protection of our customers

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