100km of Namib Desert 12th Edition, 2/10 December 2018

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100km of Namib Desert

The 13th edition of the race 100 km of Namib Desert will take place from the 2/10 December 2018, which is in their summer season. In fact, below the equator, the seasons are reversed and this will be a perfect opportunity to leave the cold European winter and enjoy the dry heat that characterizes the area of the race, the Namib Desert.

A very demanding race, but with luxurious ‘Five Star’ accommodations that allow you to prepare and recover to face the 4 competing days, each one different from the other one.
You will run many kilometres through the oldest desert in the world, you will face a marathon the 3rd day, and the grand finale with the climbing of the Crazy Dune, the highest dune in the world.

A lot of atmosphere, natural beauty, fascination, but also relaxation and comforts, these are the race program ingredients, that will make a vacation of sport, nature and... Adventure..

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